Design-build Contractor

Design-Build Contractor

Design-Build ContractorsMore and more project owners are recognizing that the design-build construction project delivery method can save them time and money while ensuring successful end results. Schulte Construction & Maintenance is an experienced commercial design-build contractor that project owners can count on to handle every phase of the construction process.

The Design-Build Advantage

A design-build contractor offers many advantages over builders who specialize in conventional building methods.

Singular Responsibility – Having a single source accountable for all aspects of your project frees you from time-consuming administrative and management responsibilities.

Cost Savings – A skilled design-build contractor can reduce construction costs by incorporating economical techniques and materials and by eliminating the risk for costly changes.

Faster Delivery – By its very nature, the design-build method is a collaborative process, which means that work is completed faster and with fewer complications.

Better Quality – The design-build contractor remains on-site from start to finish to ensure compliance with codes, regulations, and building specifications and guarantee quality workmanship.

Reduced Risk – In the design-build delivery system, the design-build contractor assumes responsibility for design errors and omissions.

Ensure a Successful Project

To learn more about the benefits of working with a qualified design-build contractor, please contact Schulte Construction & Maintenance today.